Greg Akers Received Carve Out of $100k

Successful closing in beautiful San Diego! $100,000 Carveoutwas granted to Trustee Greg Akers of the Southern District. This million dollar asset was short sold with the cooperation of Wells Fargo on the first and second under the ruling of Judge Bowie. The closing was great accomplishment after pursuing the short sale for two years.

Sam Leslie Received Carve Out of $200k

Central District Trustee Sam Leslie was able to produce monies for his estate in a case that was praised by the City of Beverly Hills. The carve out was $200,000 on a sale that paid the first in full. Bank of America cooperated with the sale of the property after the overbid procedure took place under Judge Bluebond. Congratulations for creating an asset out of the real estate in this case and estate.

Lynda T. Bui Received Carve Out of $25k

Successful closing in California! $25,000 Carveout was granted to Trustee Lynda Bui! Ocwen approved the sale of property in the Central District. The sale was approved by Judge Houle after an overbid procedure. Ocwen only required a complete short sale package and Trustee signed seller documents. Congratulations to the Trustee for creating funds for this estate!

Lynda T. Bui Received Carve Out of $15k

San Bernardino County sees first BK Short Sale in the area!Trustee Lynda Bui was able to create a carve out for her estate with a Wells Fargo property. The $15,000 carve out was an asset that allowed her to pay off unsecured creditors for the debtors. Wells Fargo has been a valued partner in the Bankruptcy Short Sales and has created a relationship with our team and the Trustees to short sale these homes.

Ronald E. Stadtmueller Created a Carve Out of $19,925

Our first closing for Trustee Ronald Stadtmueller in San Diego created a carve out of $19,925! BKSS assisted the Trustee in obtaining a short sale approval with CHASE and the 2nd lienholder, SunTrust. Trustee Stadtmueller was able to create an asset out of this underwater property. With his partnership, we were able to negotiate with the lienholders so that all parties came to a resolution. We look forward to closing many more in San Diego!

Michael Dacquisto Received Carve Out of $40k

The Eastern District experienced their first Bankruptcy Short Sale this month with a sale of $640,000! Trustee Michael Dacquisto was able to benefit the estate in this case by partnering with Wells Fargo who approved the short sale for this file. The carve out for the estate was secured at $40,000.

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Hon. Wayne Johnson Carve-Out Approval
Underwater Real Estate In Bankruptcy Can Be Short Sold And Create A Carve-Out Of At Least $15,000 !!!

Carve-Out $15,000 Or More!

How would you like to carve-out at least $15,000 from every underwater property that the debtor owns? The higher the property value, the larger the carve-out, regardless of the amount owed to lien holders. Commercial properties and land also can be short sold.

We Do All The Negotations

We negotiate directly with the lien holders, get paid a real estate commission by the lien holders, and ensure that the estate receives a minimum of $15,000 that is approved by the bankruptcy court.